Episode 01 -Vinland: A brief explanation of the Norse settlements attempted in North America.


Welcome to the first official episode of Norsw by Northwest.
In this episode I'll give a brief explanation of how the Norse came to North America and attempted to settle, as well as discussing some of the fakes and frauds which have been connected to the idea of American Vikings.

As stated, this is a BRIEF explanation in order to fit into the standard 30 minute podcast window. I didn't mention some specific things such as the 'Vinland map' simply because they are so controversial and deserve more discussion on their own. I'd be happy to do an extended version of this podcast in the future if people are interested in and willing to listen to a longer format discussion on this complicated and controvestial subject.

Please forgive any audio annoyances while I try to perfect a clean and smooth podcast for you.

Feel free to email me with questions, comments or suggestions - aonghus@norsenorthwest.com



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