April 12, 2018

Norse by Northwest – S01E11 – Viking Culture in the Modern World Part III – An interview with Author Seamus King.

Part III of a series of interviews discussing Viking influence in modern culture.
Today I interview author and performer Seamus King.
Seamus has for some years had a strong focus on the history of the Norse, specifically the Viking Age, and it has influenced his writing and performing a great deal.
He has spent time on historical recreation, archaeological experimentation and, of course, his published writing.
His works range from old school sword and sorcery reminiscent of Poul Anderson and Robin McKinley to the modern fantastical akin to Neil Gaiman and Marie Phillips. High court Norse style poetry and recitation are as much a part of his life and studies as are practicing with a sword or brewing Viking style beers using modern equipment.

Find him on Facebook, read his Blog or buy some of his books on Amazon.


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