June 22, 2017

Norse by Northwest - S01E04 - The Vendel Period.

The Vendel Period - In this episode I'm going to give as detailed a description I can of the Vendel Period and why it had such a large impact on what became the Viking age.
It will be a primer to give newcomers a fair idea of how some of the seeds of the viking age came to be.
It'll be followed by an episode about The Rus Vikings and then The Varangian Guard.

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 I always reccomend further reading, so here are a few links for you to peruse on the subject of The Vendel Period.

 University of Upsalla - The Vendel Period

 Archaeology- The First Vikings

 The Scandinavians from the Vendel period to the 10th century

 Research papers on the Vendel Period

 And, as promised, a very rough chart to help break up the timeline for you.



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